These automatic drawings begin with surfaces that have been marked by other individuals or by forces outside of my control. This provides me with a place to start that is outside of me. Most of them began with papers found in an art studio for the developmentally disabled where I am employed. Often in this setting paint is splashed onto a paper or marks are made, and then the work is quickly abandoned. I have recycled these pages and discovered new life within the depths of their original markings.
Alphabet Series
Focusing on a single word or a name I’ve completed two or three of these drawings each of the last few years, slowly working my way through the alphabet. Each image includes an allusion to one of my favorite artists, a representation of the letter itself, and various other esoteric items pertaining to that letter.
These works in gouache or in colored pencil are composed around a central allegorical theme. Redolent with symbolic content they typically present more than one strand of narrative within that theme. Rather than revealing the meanings that I attached to these images when they were devised, assuming I can still remember, I like to allow each viewer to provide their own interpretations.